I am currently working at the German Aerospace Center at the lab for Simulation and Software Technology. There, we are developing the Remote Component Environment, a tool for development of distributed, data-driven workflows, that is currently mainly used in the early stages of airplane design. The tool itself is open source, so feel free to have a look. Moreover, we are always looking for new colleagues.

Previously, I have been a Ph.D. student with the Reactive Systems Group at Saarland University under the supervision of Martin Zimmermann.

Before that I have been a student at RWTH Aachen University, where I received my master’s degree with a thesis written under supervision of Prof. Jürgen Giesl. I have received my Bachelor’s degree from the same university, when I worked at the chair of Prof. Joost-Pieter Katoen. You can find both my theses under Publications.

During a semester abroad at UC Berkeley I also worked on automatatutor.com, which helps instructors and students in both teaching and learning basic concepts in automata theory. You can read more about it under Projects.